Restaurants to Try Near Your Home!


Restaurants in Long Beach are not hard to come by. Being so central means the options are endless: we have amazing seafood, Mexican, American and “eccentric LA” only a few minutes drive away. While it can be very overwhelming to have so many options, we’ve made the decision of your next meal easy! Pick either of the two spots we’ve got and you can’t go wrong!



This Mexican-Korean fusion truly calls for an open mind and empty stomach. Whether it’s the kimchi heavy breakfast burrito or pork bulgogi torta, you’ll find some pretty hearty portion sizes and even larger flavor explosions. This place is sure to impress anyone you bring along and we can’t recommend it enough!

The Potholder

While many would consider The Attic the prime LBC location, true locals know that the Potholder is difficult to beat. They’re serving up great classic diner food like pancakes, cooked-perfect eggs and sizzling bacon. In addition, they’re known for putting out some mighty tasty Mexican-style food like the chili verde omelet!