Tips to Throw an Impromptu Holiday Party

Image result for Holiday Party FoodYou have decided to throw an impromptu holiday party at your Long Beach apartment, but aren’t sure where to start?  Here are some great tips.

Start with the bar!  A good holiday party starts with a well stocked bar.  Use a serving tray or kitchen island, have wine and spirits, citrus, glass and ice.  Add a drink bucket with non-alcoholic drinks, water, and beer!

Don’t forget the snacks!  Nuts, cheese, crackers, olives, store bought dip and bread twists make perfect snacks.

Already Made Food! Order Chinese food or head to your local food or gourmet store for easy take out. The frozen food section of your local store has some great appetizer options that are quick to prepare.

Sweet Desserts! Your local bakery is a great source for holiday desserts, you can also buy some gourmet chocolate and place it in a bowl or tray for a delicious, easy dessert.

Music!  Pick up a few holiday CDs or arrange a holiday set with great classics and new twists on holiday food.

Pot Luck! Another option is to ask your guests to bring food to your party.