Family Fun In Long Beach!


Spending time with your family is one of the most important things you can do, so it makes total sense that when hanging out with your loved ones, you want to make sure that you’re doing something that everyone can enjoy. There are many beautiful things in this city of Long Beach, California, but there is one place that everyone in town (and from out of town) loves, and that is…

Aquarium Of The Pacific!
The Aquarium Of the Pacific is among one of the most popular places in Long Beach and it is no surprise. Not only will kids and adults be able to learn about some of their favorite sea creatures, they will also be able to enjoy interactive exhibits, a chance to touch some awesome moon jellies and even walk in the bird cage. The possibilities are endless at the Aquarium of the Pacific, so get the family together and make your way downtown!

Long Beach: Fun For The Entire Family


Long Beach, CA is one of the best cities in California and it makes sense that families from all over the place come here to see the special attractions. It isn’t difficult to plan a nice family outing when you’re in Long Beach because there is so much going on. Whether it be hitting the beach, checking out the pike outlets or going to one of the infamous locations in Downtown Long Beach, there is definitely something that everyone in the family can enjoy. Let’s take a look at what you and your family can do:

  • The RMS Queen Mary might just be the most historical attraction in Long Beach. This “floating hotel with 1930’s glamour and spa” is perfect for everyone to enjoy. You and your family can come and hop aboard the famous ship and go on special tours, eat and so much more. Make sure to check the Queen Mary out during holidays, it gets pretty amazing!
  • Aquarium Of The Pacific is naturally the second runner-up because who doesn’t love going to the aquarium? Being able to go on special tours, pet sharks, walk through a bird cage and so much more is just a taste of all that this aquarium has to offer. Get your family together and come on down!