Local Park: Shoreline Aquatic Park


Long Beach is a beautiful place, but obviously, you know this! One of the most well-known and well-loved places in Long Beach is the Shoreline area, and with good reason. That entire area is filled with such beautiful views, amazing restaurants, outlets, the famous aquarium and much more. Shoreline Aquatic Park might be the best park in all of Long Beach, but should there really be a competition? This grassy park is located right on the water in the heart of Long Beach, so it is definitely the place to go. People often times enjoy nice picnics or lunch dates out on the open grass area. You can do anything here, soak up the sun, walk to the lighthouse (which is an incredible date idea), play pokemon go, relax and take a quick nap before heading to a delightful dinner. The possibilities are endless! This park should always be a go-to because you can always walk along the path if you are looking to work out, or ride your bike, or if you are coming to just unwind, it truly is the perfect place for all of these things.

Aquarium Way, Long Beach, CA 90802

(562) 570-3100