Three No Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Image result for bedazzled pumpkinsCarving pumpkins may be fun, but it can be messy and the carving means that the pumpkins will only last a few weeks, why not try these three no carve pumpkin ideas instead.

Bedazzle your pumpkins by gluing “jewels” or by using glitter glue!

Dress up your pumpkins with masks and crowns for an easy and fun way to decorate a pumpkin without the need to carve.

Use thumbtacks to create designs on your pumpkin.  Purchase flat gold or silver tacks at your local office supply or craft store and simply press the tacks in to your pumpkin. You can do it freestyle or draw the design before using the tacks.

These fun and easy no carve pumpkin decorating ideas are a perfect way to decorate your Long Beach apartment for fall and Thanksgiving.