Move Out Cleaning Check List

When you sign a lease, they require you to put down a security deposit. This protects the landlord or property manager from damages that may occur while you are leasing your Long Beach apartment.

In order to get your security deposit back, you need to make certain that your apartment is clean. Here is a move-out cleaning checklist that you can print out and check off.

The Kitchen
Clean cabinets, drawers and doors inside and out
Clean microwave inside and out
Clean the Range, hood, filter and fan
Clean oven inside, outside, pull it out and move underneath it
Clean refrigerator inside, outside, and kick plate
Scrub sink, faucet, and countertops, remove any water deposits or soap scum
Mop the kitchen floor, clean grout and the edges
Sanitize the counter tops

The Bathroom
Clean shower, tub, faucet, and grout
Clean sink, countertops, and faucet
Clean the toilet thoroughly and put a toilet cleaner in the basin for that just fresh look
Wipe down and clean cabinets and drawers inside and out
Mop floor and wipe down the baseboards
Clean mirror and any windows and window sill

The Living Area
Vacuum carpets and clean any stains
Clean all windows and window sills
Wipe down baseboards
Dust and remove cobwebs
Clean and dust the blinds
Wipe down lighting and fixtures
Wipe down inside and outside of doors

The Entry Way and Patio
Clean the tiles or flooring
Wipe down the door and handle
Wipe down baseboards
Remove furniture and plants from the patio and sweep